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Conecuh Monroe Counties Gas District (CMCGD), was created by Alabama Legislative Act No. 762 in May 1961, and was formed to serve the Alabama counties of Conecuh, Monroe and parts of Escambia County and this service extended to six cities: Castleberry, Evergreen, Excel, Frisco City, Monroeville, and Repton. As a result of the bond issuance in July of 1962, CMCGD was able to begin construction of Conecuh-Monroe Counties gas District's natural gas distribution system in August of 1962. Goodwin Engineers designed and inspected the construction of the system which was done by Patterson Wilder Contractors. During construction, Mr. Hoope was the chief inspector for Goodwin Engineers and in September of 1962, Edward L. Smith Sr. became the first general manager of the system and remained general manager until August 1990.            

The first members of the Board of Directors were Jack Wild and Dr. Joe Haygood(Evergreen), Sam Williams and Ed Michaels (Monroeville). Castleberry, Excel, Frisco City and Repton had no Board member representation at the time of formation. It wasn't until 1990 that the Board was increased to include one alternating Board member from the four other member cities. This alternating board member serves a one-year term and this position rotates between Castleberry, Repton, Excel and Frisco City.  Natural gas was introduced into the pipeline facilities to Castleberry from the Keego, Alabama Station in January of 1963, and in July of 1963 facilities were completed to Monroeville with supply being provided from United Gas Pipeline. At this time, Vanity Fair Mills was CMCGD's largest customer.           

CMCGD was a founding member of the Alabama Natural Gas Association in 1966. Mr. Smith and John Quinn were both former employees of Southeast Alabama Gas District and this relationship aided them in their collective effort to work with statewide industry stakeholders to create ANGA. Under Mr. Smith's tenure, CMCGD changed from a rural natural gas distribution system to a system with diverse interests as seen by the 1966 implementation of CNG to support fleet operations. Other examples of the progressive leadership of Mr. Smith includes: acquiring alternate gas supply from Getty Oil Company which reduced the overall cost to customers and created a new industrial market for CMCGD.

Gerald Borden assumed the general manager's position in 1990 and served in this position until he retired from SAGD as CEO in 2006. Mr. Borden also served as the President of ANGA from 1983 to 1984. Under the leadership of Mr. Borden, in 1999 SAGD along with Clark Mobile Counties Gas District, created Lower Alabama Gas District (LAGD) which is a joint-action gas supply agency for the purpose of acquiring secure, reliable, competitively priced and adequate long-term supplies of natural gas for its customers. SAGD acquired the Flomaton natural gas system in October 2006.

Mark Burgess was appointed general manager by the Board of directors in 2007 and currently holds the position of general manger today. Mr. Burgess also served as the President of ANGA from 2008 to 2009. Mr. Burgess continued the progressive growth strategy set out by Mr. Smith and Mr. Borden as can be seen by the acquisition of the Butler natural gas system in May of 2008 which increased SAG D's natural gas footprint to 559 miles of main.

Currently South Alabama Gas is authorized to conduct business in all 67 counties in Alabama. South Alabama Gas is one of the most diversified municipal natural gas systems in the State of Alabama.

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